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 Compare and Contrast


The Mission


Task:    Mother Goose has been very upset lately.  She has been told that all of her fairytales and rhymes are too old.  Mother Goose says that she needs help to update these old stories.  She is looking for boys and girls whom can help her rewrite a few of her old stories into newer or modern ones.  You have been picked to help with this task!  Here are several things you can do to help make Mother Goose happy again:



The Process

You will divide up into teams of four persons.  Each team will have:

 A Recorder:

This person is responsible for the final written product;

 A Research Specialist:

This person will find the information needed for your project.

 An Illustrator:

This person will use a form of art to give the project visual aides.

A Presenter:

This person will read or narrate the final product.

     If there is a team of three then each can take turns with the research.

 Here are steps that will help you complete your project:

  1. Listen to a story on the computer or at the listening center.

  2. Choose a fairytale book with the same story from the class library.

  3. Read the story with your teammates.

  4. Complete the story map provided by the teacher.

  5. Discuss the story with your team.

  6. Complete a Venn diagram to show the differences in the two stories.

  7. Create several questions to ask the main characters if you could interview them. (Recorder should list these questions.)

  8. Decide what part or parts of the story you wish to change.

  9. Record on paper why you wish to change that part.

  10. Work with your team to find things needed to finish your project.

  11. Complete a rough draft of your project for the teacher.

  12. Make needed corrections and / or additions.

  13. Make a flyer or poster announcing when your project will be shown.

  14. Present your final project to the class.




Pupil Resources:



Read a story on line 


Read a story on line 


Hear a story on line  


Directions on writing a special letter


Games and stuff


Other books on line





Scaffolding Lessons
    Pre-activities to Starting Project:

*    Listen to or read two different fairytales.

*    Make a list of new words.

*    Define words using context clues.

*    Learn to construct a Venn diagram.

*    Predict the differences in the two stories.


       During Reading of Stories and Project Creation:

*    Groups in fours for shared reading.

*    Form questions during reading under the 5 Ws.

*    Add words to a word wall.

*    Depict a summary at half point of story in a different media

*    Do a scavenger hunt on computer.

*    Do a cyber hunt on line.

*    Find answers to the Comprehension Sheet.

*    Verify if your predictions were true or not.


  Post Activities:

      *    Choose a date and time to present your story to the class.

*    Each team member must have a part in presenting the story.

*    Give evaluation sheets to your classmates.


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