Technical Expertise

Here are a few places to visit to help you get started with the technical aspects your computer and using software and the Internet in the classroom.

You'll find outstanding reviews of modems, safety software, computers, and much more at this site. Direct links to sites where you can download almost anything you need are also available. Bookmark this one!

Digital Photography Resources
Low-cost digital cameras are revolutionizing the way students record their world and share their experiences. Click the links below to see some of the best sites that can introduce you to this exciting classroom activity. What's the best part of digital photography? No film or developing costs to slow you down.
Snap away -- it's practically free.

Introduction to Digital Photography

How Stuff Works: Digital Cameras

Kodak Digital Learning Center


Stop by this site if you want to download the latest versions of Windows, Internet Explorer, or any Microsoft software. Be sure to visit the K-12 education link.

Pick up your online copy of the Netscape browser, handbook, plug-ins, and much more.

Visit this site to download Shockwave.

Learn how to clean your hard drive or purchase a ZIP drive.

Internet Island
Here's a funny way to learn really basic technical information.

Technology Tutorials from Around the Web

Excel Spreadsheet Graphing Workshop

Creating Projects and Lessons with Hyperstudio


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