Educational Resources
Rapid access to the Internet provides teachers with resources that they can use in and out of the classroom. Web sites dedicated to education allow teachers to communicate and network with other teachers in their own school and across the globe.

Connecting to Online Funding Resources
A wide range of resources is available to help underwrite schools and districts' technology needs. Roll up your sleeves and begin the search on the Internet.

Connecting to Technical Expertise
In a perfect world, all of this technology would be intuitive and easy to understand. Until we reach that perfect age, there are plenty of resources that will help you better understand our wired world, ask questions and help you with basic and advanced troubleshooting. Visit this page for new resources for using software and the Internet in your classroom.

Our treasure room of resources exlusively for CASTLE workshop participants. Click here for software tips and tricks, downloadable Quick Tips references, an Engaged Learning online workshop, internet tutorials, strategies for improving student learning and more!

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