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A Strategy for Engaged Learning:
A Project-Based Approach Using Information Technology


Primary Webquests (PreK - 2nd)

Chicago Public Schools

Technology Innovation Challenge Grant - Chicago Public Schools - Region III

Miami Dade County Public Schools

Language Arts

Missing Animals
(Ms. Levine, Ms. Annunzio, Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Schlenbecker, Ms. Perez, Ms. Marques - Moos Rocha)
(Linda Jenkins - George Leland Elementary School)

Sci-Fi Reading
(Daniel Baker - Spencer Math & Science Academy)
Compare and Contrast
(Sandra Y. Bempah - Mason Math and Science Academy)
Must Stories Have a Moral?
(Miss Guerin - Mark T. Skinner School)

Are You Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  

(Janet Lee & Ferne Pacilio - GR Clark School)

Which Cinderella?

(Audrey Mazurek & Yvonne O'Neal - John M. Smyth School)

Fairy Tales: Twice Upon A Time

Robbie Downs & Michelle Keller - Melody Elementary Schools)

Fairy Tales

(Yolanda Avila - Jungman School)

A Dog's Life

(Verletta Rogers - Bethune Elementary School)

The Three Little Pigs

(LaDwanda Hill- Ericson Elementary School)


Batty Neighbors
(Ms. Becker - Moos and Rocha)

Food Groups
(Ms. Cherco, Ms. Esparza, Ms. Roman, and Ms. Fernandez - Moos and Rocha)

Nutrition and the Food Pyramid
(Mrs. Pollack - Moos and Rocha)

(Ms. Bruce, Ms. Nieves and Ms. Reid - Moos and Rocha)

Journey Back in Time
(Chantay Baker - Duke Ellington School)

What Is A Healthy Body? 

(Janis Holmes - Dett Elementary School)

Growing Healthy Plants
(Emma Bailey - Tilton Elementary School)

Where Does Our Food Come From?  

(Karen Rieck - Chalmers Specialty School)

The Very Busy Butterfly

(Lynnto Craig, Susan Kelly, Aleya Townsend & Michelle Williams - Webster/Cather Schools)

Leaf Me Alone

(Linda Johnson - Pope Elementary)

Creatures of the Forest

(James O'Connor - Rudolph Learning Center)

Making My Planet!

(Mr. Fernandez - Natural Bridge Elementary)

The Coral Reef Ecosystem

(Renee Fortier - South Loop Elementary School)


Quilt Skyline 

(Lynda J. Ariyan - Natural Bridge Elementary)

Money Making Venture

(Miss Miquel - Natural Bridge Elementary)

The Supply Store

(Kamal Suga - Herbert Elementary School)

Social Science


(Ms. Matos - Natural Bridge Elementary)

Classroom Weather Station Curbs Violence  

(Ms. Crawford - Montefiore Special School)

How Violence in the Classroom Impacts Learning 

(Ms. Bailey - Montefiore Special School)











Middle School





High School




High School

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